Michigan Student Services

The Michigan Student Services Office exists to provide student services unique to the Michigan campus and to facilitate student interactions with departments housed on the Chicago campus, including:

The Michigan Student Services Office facilitates student services that are unique to the Michigan campus, including:

  • SaLT: The Student Leadership Team
  • Counseling Services
  • Advice on scholarships and loans
  • Jobs Board
  • Ministry Opportunities in Southeastern Michigan
  • Chapels, New Student Orientation and Graduation

The Michigan Student Services Office also coordinates pre-enrollment activities; participates in the admissions process; supports current student needs; and provides timely and contemporary communication.

We are here to serve. We are committed to providing competent and timely support to our students, staff, faculty and donors. Our doors are open! Please come by and see us!

Contact Us

Dr. Paul E. Wilson
Associate Dean of Student Services and Chaplain
Phone: (734) 207-9581, ext. 313;
E-mail: paul.wilson@moody.edu

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