Moody Theological Seminary—Michigan

In 2010, Michigan Theological Seminary merged with Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School to become Moody Theological Seminary—Michigan.

The seminary employs seven resident faculty members and 12 full and part-time staff members. The library, which had 10,000 volumes in 1994, has grown to more than 75,000 volumes. Since 2007, the Seminary has operated a psychological services clinic, InterSessions, which provides quality, affordable counseling services to the community and practicum experience for alumni and students enrolled in our Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (M.A.C.P.) program.

We have approximately 160 students each fall, and there have been more than 350 graduates since our first commencement in 1996. These alumni are actively serving as pastors, Christian educators, missionaries, military chaplains, counselors and seminary professors throughout Michigan, the United States and around the world.


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