Class Schedules

Michigan Campus

Modular Courses

Modular courses are offered through Moody Distance Learning, combining online learning with on-campus experience. These courses offer you the luxury of a 15-week semester with the convenience of spending only one week on our Chicago campus. Modular courses satisfy three credit hours.

Courses are scheduled at various times throughout the year and consist of only one week of campus residency, flanked by seven weeks of both pre-residency and post-residency work. The one week of on-campus residency is a highly intensive study where modular students spend up to eight hours a day with their professor and fellow students.

Online Courses

Convenient online courses allow you to study with Moody Theological Seminary, joining thousands of other students seeking a trusted Bible education within a diverse international biblical community.

Most Seminary courses are in an eight-week format. Moody online eight-week courses have been specifically designed to be eight weeks long without overwhelming you, the student. Each eight-week course has a week-by-week schedule consisting of reading assignments, projects, and discussion board posts. You will interact with your professor and other students through the discussion board.

Class assignments are week-by-week, and a “week” runs from Tuesday through the next Monday. By Monday night, the week’s class work must be completed—you determine when to complete your work, based on your schedule.

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