Student Life Offices in Chicago

Although many services are available to you through the Michigan Student Life office, additional assistance is available via offices on the Chicago campus. You can learn more about these services below or by viewing information on the “Students” tab in the information portal.

Moody Central

Moody Central exists as a solutions-based service center, serving students at all Moody schools and campuses, to provide clear and efficient information to students in an attentive, responsive and suitable manor. If you have questions or need more information, call Moody Central at (312) 329-2020 or send an e-mail to

BI - Moody Central Logo SmallMoody Central services include:

  • Academic Records and Registrar
  • Career Development Center
  • Financial Aid
  • International Student Office
  • Student Accounts

Office of Academic Records

The Office of Academic Records handles student inquiries on a variety of topics. In addition to maintaining academic records for every student, they provide advising services to help you determine and plan the direction of your educational program. The Office of Academic Records will also be important after you graduate, as they distribute official Moody transcripts upon your written request.

Graduation, course drops/withdrawals and academic monitoring are other functions that either originate or take place in Academic Records.

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Career Development Center

The Career Development Center, based on the Chicago campus, is an ongoing ministry to students and alumni assisting them with job, career-oriented materials, counseling, job search strategies and ideas about networking. It is our goal to help you with all facets of a ministry or job search and to teach you lifelong career skills to help you grow as an individual.

The Career Development Center seeks to help you think ahead to the ministry and job options that interest you and then structure a major and series of internships to prepare you to be able to compete for that type of position. We work with you from your freshman year through graduation and beyond. We also can assist you to identify your “passion” areas. Many students change their minds about their direction, but the Career Development Center is there to help them navigate through each change.

MTS-Michigan students have the opportunity to network with the Career Development Center by e-mailing

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Financial Aid

Tuition at Moody Theological Seminary-Michigan is paid through a combination of payment options, but mainly through internal and external scholarships and grants.

MTS students may also borrow Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans to pay for their education. Students interested in this must complete the FAFSA, which Moody also uses to determine the financial needs of students. A student obtaining Institutional Aid must complete the FAFSA before applying for Moody Scholarships and Grants.

International Student Office

The International Student Office (ISO), located on Moody's Chicago Campus, facilitates all aspects of international student support including:

  • assisting with enculturation to life in the United States
  • keeping abreast of immigration regulations
  • facilitating international student and missionary kid groups

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In addition to contacting the ISO, MTS-MI students can contact the following individual on the Michigan campus, for assistance:

Amber Tucker
Executive Assistant | Education
Phone: (734) 207-9581 #327


Student Accounts

Student Accounts (a division of the Controlling Department) serves Moody students in facilitating the billing and payment of each student's account. Two options exist to pay your student account: payment in full by August 1 (fall semester) and December 1 (spring semester); or enrollment in the Moody Payment Plan.

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Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services department (ITS) provides technical support for and Canvas. The myMoody student portal is your vehicle to a number of important tasks such as registering for classes, checking your tuition balance, and making payments online.

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Canvas is the online learning management system designed to support teaching and learning. Your professors often will use Canvas to post course materials and class announcements. Some professors may require you to use Canvas to submit class assignments or complete exams.

ITS also can help you with myMoody password resets and with forwarding your Moody e-mail account to your personal account (e.g., Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail).

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Learn more about ITS IC - Arrow Triangle - Small

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