Welcome to Internship!

Our office is excited to help you prepare for this integral part of your seminary education. Please note that our office serves students in the following programs: MDiv, MA-SFD, and MA-ML only. Internships typically take 90 days to set-up, and we encourage you to start preparing early.

Please review the following information:

Site and Supervisor:

-Your research and choose your own ministry site and supervisor.
-Your internship focus should pertain to your program focus.
-MDiv students complete 2 internships; MA students complete 1 internship.
-Work 120 hours over 15 weeks (10 weeks in summer semesters).
-All students must submit an internship proposal application through the Field Education Office.


-Internship is a graded, 3 credit course (FE-6670 or FE-7770) in-conjunction with your ministry work.
-There is no lecture, but please note that you will have light coursework and periodic discussion groups.
-This course follows the MTS standard 16-week course start date (10-week summer start date).
-You cannot enroll yourself for the course, and must apply through the Field Education Office.


-Biblical Spiritual Formation
-40% completion of academic program

Applications due one month prior to your Internship semester. Inquire Today!

Office of Field Education-MTS Chicago
FieldEd@moody.edu | 312-329-8061


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