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The information on this site is designed to help you as you progress through your chosen program. Come here to see class schedules and access course syllabi, find information for internships and get other documents and forms you need.

Moody Central

As you continue your studies at MTS, a key resource is Moody Central, a service center for all students. You can visit the Moody Central offices on the second floor of Culbertson Hall or contact their main desk at (312) 329-2020 or

Services at Moody Central include:

Other Important Student Information

Become familiar with the information available from myMoody ( Items listed on the “Students” tab pertain to all students on any campus or learning mode. The “Chicago Campus” tab contains information for Chicago campus students, but keep in mind that some of the information applies only to Undergraduate students. In the “Chicago Student Forms” box, the only link you will need is “Request Printing Refund”; In the “Chicago Student Resources” box, you will not need the “Practical Christian Ministries” information. The “Home Page” link in the “Moody Theological Seminary” box will bring you to this website.

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